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Pinay & Politics

On inauguration day, January 20, 2021, a special podcast on Filipino American Women and Politics was released.


Episode 89 "My politics are informed, first and foremost, by my identity as a Filipino American Woman."Learn a little bit more about how I got involved in politics and what shaped my values around it? Hosted by the Filipino American Women Project.


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Career Chats

Summary from Instagram Live

• In this episode, we talk to Aileen Orlino-Dinkjian, MPH, EdD who is a Research Development and Team Science Manager for the University of Southern California and a California State Polytechnic University-Pomona ‘06 alumni.
• Aileen shared her career story, from being a political science student at Cal Poly Pomona to serving as a public health professional, and now as an educator. Aileen also gave valuable advice on how to set yourself for a successful career through volunteerism.


3.21: How can volunteerism help your professional career
7.45: Creating your own professional path
15.58: The importance of making mistakes and being flexible in your career path.
20.08: You are graduating soon? Here is what you can do

Want to see the rest of this video? Visit our Instagram @cpp_careercenter

Pilipinx American Public Health Conference

In 2008, Aileen felt like she was the only Filipina who aspired to obtain a masters in public health. Public health back then was a budding program that many did not yet understand until its potential came into fruition within the last 10 years (in my opinion).

This conference gave birth to the "silent minority" who has so much to offer. Looking forward to crossing paths with many of you in the near future.

Friends & Allies.jpg

Friends & Allies

Friends & Allies is founded on the principles of equity, mutuality, and spirituality. Together, this group of women hold space for courageous conversations that we believe will achieve more authentic anti-racist relationships and communities.

Conversation 1: How We Speak to and About Each Other 

Concepts: Microaggression, unconscious bias, empathy, self-worth, self-talk and human responsibility.

Conversation 2: So What Am I Supposed to Do?

Concepts: White silence, critical consciousness, systemic racism, and bias.

Conversation 3: Louder Please. Beyond Non Racist Silence. 

Concepts: White privilege, white fragility, racial resilience, white silence.

Conversation 4: What Next? A More Perfect Union Starts With You.

Concepts: Open conversation of what steps are next.

Filipino Mommy Group.jpg

Filipino Mommy Group


Aileen discovered that a "Filipino Mommy Group" did not exist in a simple platform such as Facebook to cultivate the sharing of information among other Filipinx moms. 

The Filipinx Mommy Group was established in August 2018 as a Facebook Group for Filipinx moms to get and give support, advice, compassion, and guidance in this incredible experience of motherhood. The hope is to nurture wonderful Filipinx cultures and values. 

Screen Shot 2021-04-24 at 8.14.22 PM.png

Positive Parenting

I had the honor of participating in an international discussion in observance of Child Abuse Prevention Month. One of my esteemed colleagues and profound Filipina researcher was a panelist on the So Jannelle (TFC | ANC) TV program to talk about positive parenting.  "What can we do to protect our kids and help them become better, more resilient and compassionate human beings?" The discussion was genuine, authentic and I had the greatest pleasure of being among such amazing licensed professionals.  More resources can be found on

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